Consulting and training services


You want to put data to work for you, whatever that means for your organization. We can help you generate, capture, transform, and wring value from data. Our goal is to make the data revolution – the evolution from the information age to the age of actionable insight – accessible to a wider range of organizations. Are you ready to get bitten by the data bug?

We focus on issues at the intersection of data science and management consulting. We offer three types of services: data strategy, tactical support, and training. If you would like to see what data science can do for your organization, or feel that your current efforts are falling short, we'd love to hear from you.

Data strategy

You want to join the data revolution, but aren't sure what that means for your organization. In a strategy engagement, we will:

  • Identify goals.
  • Identify capabilities.
  • Build a roadmap.
  • Align business and technology stakeholders.

Tactical support

You have a strong sense of your goals, and just need help executing. We provide a variety of services to support the execution of your data strategy, including:

  • Creating and prototyping data and information products.
  • Building a data science team or improving its effectiveness.
  • Data exploration, quality assessment, cleaning, and modeling.
  • Supporting internal reporting, monitoring, and decision making.
  • Content creation.


Your business or technical stakeholders could benefit from some training. We focus on training that can help your organization bridge the gap between business and analytics, including both quantitative training for non-quantitative managers and business training for analysts. Such disconnects are widespread and detrimental, due in no small part to a major shortage of analytically literate managers and business-literate analysts.

The curricula we have developed are very different from other offerings currently available. There are business focused programs and technically focused programs but very little in the middle. The business focused programs are rarely taught by data scientists, and the technically focused programs are usually beyond the necessary depth to achieve sufficient literacy.

We can work with your organization to customize a training program based around our menu of educational modules. For example, a two to three day seminar for managers of an organization that is struggling to make effective use of an existing data science team might include:

  • How an organization can use analytics to gain competitive advantage.
  • How an organization can get started on the path to gaining value from its data and mature analytically.
  • How to build, manage, and organize an analytical competency.
  • Managing analytical projects for business impact.
  • Principles, types, and methods of data analysis.
  • Data visualization.
  • Driving innovation with analytics.

Sample engagements

Engagements may focus on a single practice area (data strategy, tactical support, or training) or combine multiple areas. We like to build long term relationships with our clients. Here are a few sample engagements for organizations with varying goals and capabilities.


Your organization understands that it has access to potentially valuable data. You may be entertaining the notion of exploring possibilities, but don't want to make data science a core competency any time soon or invest in a team without knowing more. Before proceeding, you need a proof of concept. We can help you apply analytics to a specific area of your business, with either decision support or product development goals. In addition to actionable insight, you will come away with a much stronger idea of what a data science capability could mean for you.


Your organization has a strong desire to apply analytical methods in a way that is core to your business but is fairly new to doing so. You may have a few analysts on staff, and maybe even a few data scientists localized to few specific business functions, but have not been able to figure out how to extract meaningful value from data across the organization at scale. A first engagement might focus on putting together a data strategy solidifying your vision and a roadmap to achieve it. Follow up engagements may include advising on specific technical issues, helping hire data science team members, or delivering data science training programs.

On the cusp of greatness

Your organization has built a data science competency that has had some measure of success, but progress is being hampered by a lack of direction, insufficient executive sponsorship, a disconnect between technical and business stakeholders, or a siloed approach to analytics. We can pinpoint the roadblocks and help you navigate them.

Core values

Our core values are strongly aligned with data science that works:

  • We apply good science, skepticism, and the art of simplicity.
  • We always think about the big picture to identify and solve the most important problems.
  • We are practical and resourceful.
  • We live in a magic free zone full of transparency and communication.
  • We love data and are insatiably curious about the world around us.
  • We believe great things can be achieved through iteration and collaboration.


At Bitten Labs, we are ultimately driven by wanting to make the world a better place. We are delighted to offer reduced consulting and training rates for select nonprofit organizations and social enterprises.